[Mono-list] ASP.NET App breaks with Mono 0.30

Clayton Harbour claytonharbour@sporadicism.com
Tue, 24 Feb 2004 06:32:54 -0800

Hi Tracy,
I came across this the other day to.  It is caused by this section(s)
(there were 2 in mine) in your web.config file:
	    <!-- Change disabled to 'no' to enable gzip content encoding
	    <add encoding=3D"gzip" type=3D"Mono.Http.GZipWriteFilter,
Mono.Http" disabled=3D"no" />



I installed Mono 30.0 and mod-mono 0.7 and my ASP.NET application=20
crashes with the following error message. I had originally compiled it=20
under Mono 0.29, I recompiled it with Mono 30.0, and it crashes with the

same error message.
The app works fine if I reinstall Mono 0.29 and mode-mono 0.6.

Server error in '/' application
Description: Error processing request.
Error Message: HTTP 500.
Stack Trace:
System.TypeLoadException: Cannot load type=20
'Mono.Http.AcceptEncodingModule, Mono.Http'

<snipped />