[Mono-list] Time problems on Mono

Jordi idroj8@yahoo.com
Thu, 9 Dec 2004 04:12:30 -0800 (PST)

hi again!,

Then, Jacek, you meant that Mono could be 3 times
slower than the others (Java & .Net), no matter what
kind of test you are running?.
Damn, what a pity...
There's nothing that could be done in order to improve
that results?, maybe some C# internal procedures are
more suitable for the mono compiler than others in
time costs. Don't now.
I'm not really interested on the statistically
exhaustive benchmark measurements results. However,
I've been looking forward through the list and I've
found a web that talks about this topic. The web is:
http://www.numlock.ch/variouspapers/mono_bench/ and
the results of their specific benchmark were quite
positive for the Mono runtime so seems that this yield
problem doesn't affect them. Maybe the problem is
focused on some specific procedures. Any idea?. 


--- Jacek Blaszczynski <jacek.blaszczynski@acn.waw.pl>

> Hi!
> Unfortunately it could be Mono specific problem as
> some benchmark
> measurments indicate its roughly 3 times slower than
> Java and .NET runtimes.
> There are some posts on that issue in this list
> pointing to web pages with
> extensive benchmark measurements.
> Cheers
> Jacek

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