[Mono-list] Time problems on Mono

Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski@acn.waw.pl
Sat, 4 Dec 2004 10:26:09 +0100


Unfortunately it could be Mono specific problem as some benchmark
measurments indicate its roughly 3 times slower than Java and .NET runtimes.
There are some posts on that issue in this list pointing to web pages with
extensive benchmark measurements.



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hi there,

I'm a newbie on the mono subject, so I don't know much about it as well as
my english level is as good as my grandmom's one. 
However, I've been developing an application on C# (DotNet framework) and my
intention is to make it multi-platform, that is, able to being executed in
Win or Linux indifferently. 
This application, in a summarized way, just open some files and parse the
headers in order to get their file type and some characteristics. That is,
opening the files...read through some tags and creating an stream foreach
file where the tag-values are written depending of the type and the length
of tag.
The problem comes when I tried to execute it over Mono. The aplication test
really gets slow down by using mono. It was about 3 times slower than
executing the aplication by itself on WinOS.
Firstly I thought that the problem could come from Linux ('cause I was
proving the application on
Mono+Linux), but I tried Mono over Win and the problem

Is this normal?, I guess that it is not...so, I would like to know if anyone
've got some yield problems with Mono of this kind. 

So if anyone has any idea about what it could be I'll be very pleased on
having some clues of this lack of processing velocity.

Thanks for advanced & see ya,

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