[Mono-list] Re: Help wanted to design the 1st dynamic C# language

Mark Hahn mark@hahnca.com
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:32:40 -0700

A Rafael D Teixeira wrote:

>Well looks a lot like the boo language project (except for the C-omega
>features) that is already linked in pycs' page.
>Have Fun,

The differences as I see them:

1) PyCs is sticking with C# (Cw) features where C# offers a choice.  So =
is really going to be more of a dynamic C#.

2) PyCs is using dynamic type analysis instead of static type analysis.
This offers the advantage of *always* knowing the type where static =
is often unable to determine a type.  Evan an "eval" can't fool PyCs.

PyCs will compile a method when a type is determined.  This is akin to =
technique Psyco uses and I hope to see speed improvements over =
because of this Psyco technique. =20

PyCs will have the Psyco disadvantage of memory usage in that there will =
a different method implementation for every combination of formal =
types (signatures) but this is exactly what C# does anyway.