[Mono-list] monodoc bails, says can't find browser.exe

billg billg@f-m.fm
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:53:21 -0400

I've spent a few hours today building the source from the download page
on a Slackware machine.  All seems to have built correctly, after some
chasing around.

But, monodoc won't run, producing this error message:

   ** (browser.exe:16942): WARNING **: Could not find assembly gtkhtml-
   sharp, references from /usr/local/lib/monodoc/browser.exe
   (assemblyref_index=6)  Major/Minor: 1,0  Build:       0,0  Token:

   cannot open assembly browser.exe

I built into /usr/local, and browser.exe is alive and well in
/usr/local/lib/monodoc. Where does monodoc expect it be?

Did I forget a PATH incantation?