[Mono-list] glade signal connections

Rob Brown-Bayliss rbb@orcon.net.nz
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:23:42 +1200

is there a way to provide a list of signals and the functions they
should be connected to rather than use xml.Autoconnect (this);

for example, in python you could do:

self.siglist = {"on_about1_activate": self.about,	
		"on_app1_destroy_event": self.close_down,
		"on_quit1_activate": self.quit_activate}

The reason I ask is I could have a signal:


and have the functions in the class description rather than in the C#
main class.

how would I do this in C#?  eg, of a user clicks on a line in a list
view have a class that handles the list view events...

Rob Brown-Bayliss