[Mono-list] [OT] updated Schema Compiler

Peter Lin Peter Lin <woolfel@gmail.com>
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 21:23:32 -0500

I've posted an updated compiler that will successful compile a
modified version of ipo.xsd from W3C.


what can it do?

1. compile simple schema like ipo3.xsd included in the /bin/debug/ directory
2. compile with XmlSerialization support
3. compile without XmlSerialization support
4. generate JAXB style source using interfaces and concrete classes
5. generate JAXB style using w/o XmlSerialization
6. delegate source generation for methods and classes - say you want
the classes to implement some kind of callback for UI application

to try it out, just change dingo.exe.config settings. Once I get the
alpha done and posted, I will work on writing documentation and some
examples.  Any feedback is appreciated.