[Mono-list] About odbc

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr@terra.com.br
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 10:40:15 -0300

Well that is really a question about ADO.NET's *Command family of

ExecuteScalar - executes your query and returns just value for the
first-column from the first row returned. It is good for things like
"SELECT Max(Amount) FROM FinancialData WHERE ...".

ExecuteReader - Returns a DataReader that you can use to iterate over
the returned row, getting values for any columns returned.

Hope it helps,

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 08:38, lamyae Benabdeljalil wrote:
> Please , i want to know the difference in ODBC between ExecuteScalar()
> and ExecuteReader()
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