[Mono-list] unable to compile schema

Peter Lin Peter Lin <woolfel@gmail.com>
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 07:45:21 -0500

I dug a bit deeper into why the examples work in JAXB. It looks like
the ANT build script is responsible for mapping the dummy URL to the
correct location. This explains why even though the sample is the
stock W3C version, itstill works in jaxb.

I haven't figured out why XmlSchema.xsd won't work with Mono's XSD,
but I'm going to guess it's related to the inheritance structure. In
my schema compiler, under "woolfel.dingo.w3c" namespace is the object
structure defined by XmlSchema.xsd. It's rather complex. I had to make
modifications to the generated classes to get XmlSerializer to work
correctly and load schemas.

thanks again to Atsushi for the quick response.