[Mono-list] Re: .Net v/s Java - From Enterprise Perspective

Matthijs ter Woord (meddochat) meddochat@zonnet.nl
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 18:23:48 +0200

Hi All,

> > You mean turning XSP into a full blown web server?  That might be nice,
> > and might be nice to implement some kind of hosting interface to host
> > web servers inside your application with ease.
>    Bingo! That's what I precisely meant. The second part (hosting
> within application with ease) would definitely be a wonderful add-on.

Maybe Indy.NET is an option, it provides a HttpServer component which
implements Http 1.0 + 1.1, it currently doesn't support any ASP.NET
integration, but i want to look into that later on, after i completed the
FtpServer implementation.

Indy.NET can be found at www.sourceforge.net/projects/indy-net. Indy.NET is
a port of Indy, a library to easily support protocols in your app. Indy.NET
is currently in Pre-Alpha state.


Matthijs ter Woord (meddochat)
Project leader of Indy.NET