[Mono-list] Re: .Net v/s Java - From Enterprise Perspective

Gaurav Vaish Gaurav Vaish <gaurav.vaish@gmail.com>
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:59:17 +0530

> What exactly is the role of Tomcat?

  It's the XSP for Java. Simple.

  The only difference is that Java-core does not have a hosting API
while .Net has it. So, Tomcat has the whole of set of APIs (Request,
Response, Session, Application etc) written. And it provides an
implementation to those.

  The newer versions of the server can be plugged into Apache using a
module mod_jk.

  This is similar to our XSP and mod_mono.

> You mean turning XSP into a full blown web server?  That might be nice,
> and might be nice to implement some kind of hosting interface to host
> web servers inside your application with ease.

   Bingo! That's what I precisely meant. The second part (hosting
within application with ease) would definitely be a wonderful add-on.

> XSP has two parts:
>        * The ASP.NET hosting.
>        * The micro http 1.0 server.
> The former is used by XSP and mod_mono (to run ASP.NET apps with
> Apache), the later is only used in the standalone XSP.
> We will continue to update both, but the most important one is clearly
> the one that is used by Apache, the standalone server is good to have,
> but we are not planning on competing with Apache anytime soon.

  Well, I'm also in no mood to leave Apache. They are the God of their
world! ;-)

  Anyway... I haven't seen XSP for quite some time now, but would like
to know how behind / ahead is it from IIS - ASP.Net server
(aspnet_isapi.dll)? Probably, Gonzalo can give some feedback.

> That being said, some folks want to embed web servers in their apps
> (yesterday we were discussing that, and thats why I wanted to look into
> a possible .net 2.0 api that we would implement).

   That's quite interesting to know. This is the first time I have
come across this curiosity. It may definitely be a good thing to

Happy Hacking,
Gaurav Vaish