[Mono-list] Beginner C# Book

Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 09:32:18 -0400

Yeah, Herb Schildt has two C# books out that I've seen, and both are bad.
They both look like recycles of his Java books which were recycles of his
C++ books.  Very liitle effort was done to make these books .NET oriented.
A shame, Herb wrote some good C/C++ books in the old days.


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> I picked up and started Sams "C# Primer". It dates from 2001, but it 
> seems to be taking a nice, slow, make-no-assumptions approach.

And if it's anything like the other SAMS books I've had the misfortune to
read, full of errors!

> Wrox books are full of obvious typoes, even in second editions and 
> later. Who proofreads their stuff?

Dunno, but it can't be anywhere near as bad as Linux Games Programming from
Prima-Tech or *anything* Herb Shildt has done...



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