[Mono-list] inlining of methods using structs

Sijmen Mulder Sijmen Mulder <sjmulder@gmail.com>
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:01:01 +0200

> Good to hear that. Is somebody currently working on that? It could make
> a big difference with graphical applications (System.Drawing.Point and
> System.Drawing.PointF) as well as with numerical applications (Complex)
> and financial applications (System.Decimal).

I am implementing a 2D game engine, and for blitting and such structs
are often used (Point, Rectangle, etc), so that would be of great
interrest to me, too. But how does (or will) this inlining exactly
work? Is it already done by the JITter or the compiler, or do I have
to do it myself?