[Mono-list] inlining of methods using structs

Rüdiger Klaehn rudi@lambda-computing.de
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 15:59:17 +0200

Varga Zoltan wrote:

 >                                                  Hi,
 >    There is no reason why such methods can't be inlined. It
 > is just that
 > the neccessary code is not yet implemented, or not tested
 > enough to be
 > enabled.
Good to hear that. Is somebody currently working on that? It could make 
a big difference with graphical applications (System.Drawing.Point and 
System.Drawing.PointF) as well as with numerical applications (Complex) 
and financial applications (System.Decimal).

Obviously I am not famliiar enough with the mini code generator to do it 
myself, but I could write some tests.

By the way: What is the best way to examine the x86 code produced by the 
mono code generator? Is there a way to get it to output assembly code in 
a separate file?

best regards,