[Mono-list] Help wanted for Minosse RDBMS project

Antonello Provenzano tomi@deveel.com
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:56:15 +0200

Hi all guys!

Some of you already know me, but, anyway, let me introduce myself. My name's
Antonio Provenzano, from Palermo, Sicily. I recently published one of my
projects, named Minosse, a complete Relational DataBase System entirely
written in C#. It is intended to be a good competitor to MySQL, PostgreSQL
or Interbase database systems, to embed in Mono-built applications (being it
intended to run mainly under Mono Runtime).
The fact is that the project is huge, the bugs a lot and the ACTIVE
developers very few. The cause I'm posting this topic is easily guessed: I
would like to ask the help of all the developers that would like to
contribute to the project.
For further informations, please refere to the following links:
tomi@deveel.com (for contacting me personally out of the mailing list).

I wish to thank you everyone for the kindness and the help given to me and
(mainly) to the project.