[Mono-list] Nemerle 0.1.2 released

Michal Moskal malekith@pld-linux.org
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:16:37 +0200

The 0.1.2 release of the Nemerle compiler has hit our server.

0.1.2, Apr 28 2004
  This release brings several important bugfixes, more documentation
  (great thanks to our techwriter for making it more readable) and
  improvements in macro subsystem.

    * Macros are now hygienic -- that is each macro invocation introduces
      new virtual namespace for generated names. See meta-programming paper
      for details.
    * Macros themselves now sits in namespaces. Notable example is printf,
      that is now Nemerle.IO.printf. You will need to update your sources.
      Common macros (like if and while) are in Nemerle.Core, so no changes
      are needed.
    * Symbols in macro quotations are now bound to their global meaning
      (e.g. imported namespaces, nesting in modules) at the place of
      quotation definition, not the place of macro use.
    * The <-> operator now properly computes each expression just once.
    * Loading assembly with -r flag now loads also all assemblies
      referenced by it.
    * New integer operators <<, >>, %|, %& and %^ for common bitwise
    * New -- and ++ prefix operators for decrement/increment (both return
    * Events can be now accessed with add_EventName and remove_EventName,
      no +=/-= syntax yet.
    * Full support for various integer and floating point types (like uint,
      long, double etc). Literals like 0u, 0l, 3.14f are now also supported.
    * System.Windows.Forms examples can now be compiled.
    * "foo" "bar" is now single string literal.
    * Added preliminary SQL helper macros.
    * Reordered parameters of Fold and Map in Hashtable to match List.
    * Few fixes in error messages.
    * Several other bugfixes (particularly with code generation and boxing).
    * Compiler now properly checks if type of field/method is as accessible
      as the field/method itself.
    * Resolved some lengthy compilation issues with Gtk# and
      System.Windows.Forms types.
    * Resolved problem with literal fields on Windows.
    * Under Unix we now require mono 0.31 or later,

The deb packages might be a bit out of sync, they should be fixed
tomorrow. MSI and RPM packages (as well as the source tarball of course)
are OK.

The source tarball can be downloaded from:


And other packages as usual from: