[Mono-list] Miguel de Icaza on Longhorn

Roberto J. Dohnert robertodohnert@mail15.com
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 00:35:06 -0400

>I do not think you understood what I wrote, because we pretty much
>agree on most things.
>My list of ways in which Microsoft won was not comprehensive.
The way I interpreted was that you were saying that Microsofts 
anti-competitive strategies is what primarily  put them ahead.  If I 
misunderstood sorry.

>Every once in a while I forget Microsoft anti-competitive practices, as
>times goes by, and with their new "face", its easy to forget.
>But it is always illustrative to read the actual depositions in the EU
>trial, or the US one:
>	http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/ms_testimony.htm
Im well aware of the case and I followed it very closely.

>Microsoft can build some good products, but they also made sure of
>using every bit of power they had in their reach to make sure they
Microsoft does build good products, one of the examples that you used 
was Internet Explorer for UNIX, IE for UNIX was a good product.  
Microsoft didn't kill it because they wanted to promote everyone to 
switch to Windows , they cut it because the space had been filled by 
Netscape, everyone started bundling Netscape with their flavors of UNIX 
,  Its still available from certain sites on the web and I still use it 
on my Solaris machines but thats beside the point, what business sense 
does it make to continue to produce a product, waste that time and 
energy when you will get minimal usage another example of this is the 
Mac.  Adobe didnt port its Photoshop Album or Premiere to Mac OS X 
because Final Cut Pro and iPhoto are the tools on the Mac everyone uses 
so the time and energy would be wasted.  As for Microsoft abusing its 
power to dominate, what company wouldnt?  If Sun could have done it with 
Solaris and Apple with Mac OS would we be as quick to crucify them if 
the roles were reversed?  As I stated on my post I have a lot of respect 
for ya Miguel and of your achievements so dont take this as a 
bickering,  trying to start a fight thing on Windows vs Linux because it