[Mono-list] Miguel de Icaza on Longhorn

Dan dan@astusa.com
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:52:58 -0400

>I disagree with that statement, most notably about the art of
anti-competitive strategy by bundling Messenger and Media Player. 

	Like you, I don't mind that IE, Messenger and Media Player can be on
windows pc's as "choices", what bothers me is when microsoft can dictate to
OEM's to not uninstall them.  That's just wrong.  Any OEM should be able to
uninstall these things and replace them with products period.  Microsoft
dictating to OEM's that they have to be left on when competetive products
are installed is just wrong.
	Why should any of this matter, it's just instant messaging and media
playback, right?  Eh, eh, these products all lead to future profits in
advertising, merchandising, etc, etc.  Skies the limit, so dominating these
spaces is about big business and Microsoft will make dang sure they are not
left out.


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I wrote a blog response to Miguel and corrected some statements and added
my own insight being as tho I was active back then.  This is in no way a
invitation for a flame war and is not inteded to be abusive or disrespectful
to Miguel.  Enjoy if you decide to read it.
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