[Mono-list] I give up

George Farris george@gmsys.com
Fri, 09 Apr 2004 22:02:38 -0700

On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 15:12, Joseph Bennie wrote:
> Respect.
> We've all been there at some point.
> Don't get me started on GUI's' i don't have the time either.
> Yes i could learn QT or GTK or even one of the alternatives but i 
> really believe that the secret to GUI development  with mono is a 
> completely working System.drawing layer which on the linux will mean 
> the libgdi+ stuff working and and equivalent pass through to Quartz on 
> the mac.
> I know that there are some people working on libgdi+ (i also expect any 
> pass through will be implemented as part of this near the end once the 
> linux/X version works) this but it will probably take the best part of 
> this year to get to a mature release, and until then i would
> a) avoid developing gui tools for linux
> b) use gtk# if you have to. (I agree QT is nice but gtk seams to have 
> popular support and that is what matters )
> For the moment I'm honing my c# skills in the windows world but as i 
> have to support products on the mac, solaris and linux, i'd really like 
> to see my custom gui widgets, or even the standard windows.controls 
> working without having to alter a line of code.
> So if there is anyone out there with the skills/resources to help the 
> team working on libgdi+ or system.drawing , please help them get there 
> faster.
>  Remember to the rest of us who are just looking 
> to be productive, we don't want to have to learn new tricks if we don't 

<With kindness>
Well, I have to say that this is possibly why there are so many poor
windows applications that just don't understand the whole concept of
multi-user.  WordPerfect used to get it right, MS-Office didn't, neither
did Mavis Beacon and an entire range of software developed for Windows. 
It is getting better but any time any company developed for multiple
platforms and included Unix usually had a clue.  Please DO take the time
to learn new tricks.

George Farris <george@gmsys.com>