[Mono-list] I give up

Joseph Bennie jay@lincore.co.uk
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 23:12:02 +0100


We've all been there at some point.

Don't get me started on GUI's' i don't have the time either.

Yes i could learn QT or GTK or even one of the alternatives but i 
really believe that the secret to GUI development  with mono is a 
completely working System.drawing layer which on the linux will mean 
the libgdi+ stuff working and and equivalent pass through to Quartz on 
the mac.

I know that there are some people working on libgdi+ (i also expect any 
pass through will be implemented as part of this near the end once the 
linux/X version works) this but it will probably take the best part of 
this year to get to a mature release, and until then i would

a) avoid developing gui tools for linux
b) use gtk# if you have to. (I agree QT is nice but gtk seams to have 
popular support and that is what matters )

For the moment I'm honing my c# skills in the windows world but as i 
have to support products on the mac, solaris and linux, i'd really like 
to see my custom gui widgets, or even the standard windows.controls 
working without having to alter a line of code.

So if there is anyone out there with the skills/resources to help the 
team working on libgdi+ or system.drawing , please help them get there 

Ps for those thinking that gtk will eventually win out as the toolkit 
of choice, i disagree - a clone of windows.forms implmented using 
system.drawing will win due the the existing skill-base of developers 
migrating from windows. Remember to the rest of us who are just looking 
to be productive, we don't want to have to learn new tricks if we don't 
have to. and thats purely down to the reality of not having time to do 
everything one would like to.

and one last point I've already spent money on my developer tools so 
unless some one is building a gtk plugin for visualstudio, developing 
apps in gtk is not going to happen for me anytime soon, and it's going 
to be a while until there are tools as good as visual studio on linux 
unless the sharp develop team successfully port to linux. No doubt if 
the investment in time and resources is put into this then it will 
happen, but at the moment VisualStudio has a big lead.

so ending this mail I'd like to say to Marcus, yes they are a hostile 
bunch but its when people force you to think harder and consider points 
of view you hate to acknowledge may be right, that the team will 
produce the best work. and that my friend is why opensource is the best 
way to develop software.

all the best

On 8 Apr 2004, at 06:16, Marcus wrote:

> After trying to work with Mono, Portable.NET, Qt, and KDE, I've 
> realized that
> I'm fighting a battle that I cannot win. Mono supports Gtk# (and GTK+) 
> to the
> exclusion of any other platform. Portable.NET is behind their own SWF
> implementation, but at least they are a bit more agnostic. The Qt/KDE
> community seems to find the entire concept of C# and its use of 
> metadata and
> JIT compilation repulsive.
> I'm tired of trying and failing. I'm tired of having no one to support 
> me. I'm
> tired of feeling isolated and alone.
> It's just not worth it. Maybe I will end up Windows XP and .NET. Who 
> knows. I
> just know that the Free software community has got to be the most 
> hostile and
> intolerant group of people I have ever encountered.
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