[Mono-list] C# in C++ using Mono

yonas.gebremeskel@swedbank.com yonas.gebremeskel@swedbank.com
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 18:26:23 +0200


We have a C# application that has been developed in Visual studio on windows
by another department in our company and we would like to use it in our C++
application on solaris SPARC environment. I've checked your website and it
seems like Mono solves our problem. My question is if it is possible to
recompile the C# application in Mono and use that class in our C++
application (without Mono)? In the FAQ page on question 3 you talk about 
This means for example that if you define a class to do algebraic
manipulation in C#, that class can be reused from any other language that
supports the CLI. You could create a class in C#, subclass it in C++ and
instantiate it in an Eiffel program. 

Does it also mean you can create a class in C#, subclass it in C++ and call
the functions in the C# class from the C++ application? 

Thanks in advance.