[Mono-list] Beginners Questions : How to....

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 11:55:09 -0500

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 10:47, Qutronic wrote:
> So here are my "beginners" questions:
> - Which IDE should I use?

Emacs!  Vim!

OK, those aren't IDEs (though Emacs could qualify as an OS).

There are at least three IDEs on Linux: Eclipse (aimed at Java),
KDevelop (C++) and Anjuta (C, C++).

Eclipse has partial support for C# (see below for more information), but
it's not quite up to it's Java support (last I checked).

KDevelop and Anjuta might have Syntax highlighting support for C#, but
that's probably the extent of it.  I haven't heard anything about
support for using the "mcs" compiler, for example.

This is a question that should get a better answer in the future. 
SharpDevelop is rumored to be targeting Linux post 1.0.  But until then,
there might not be anything.  Sorry.

> - How can I get it installed and working?

Grab the RPMs (KDevelop, Anjuta)?  Except for Eclipse, which is a tar.gz
(tar xzf eclipse-<version>.tar.gz).  You can get the .tar.gz at

Eclipse C# syntax highlighting is a separate download, available at:


> - Is there a graphical Development Enviroment at all?

Sort of.  See above.

> - How can I get the mono debugger to work?

The mono debugger is in a unstable state.  So... you don't get it to

This should be fixed (I hope?) by Mono 1.0.

As a partial replacement, there's always System.Console.WriteLine. :-)

Mono (the jit) also has a --trace argument, which can be used to spit
out extra tracing information.  Use --debug to get line-number
information in exception stack traces (use mcs -g to generate debugging

>   I tried to build it on my machine, but I can't get beyond
> "configure". 
>   Configure keeps complaining "Cant find jay".
> - What is jay, and what do I have to do to get it working on my
> machine?

"Jay" is a C# version of Yacc.  If that's confusing, ignore it.

It can be found in the "Mono Class Libraries and C# Compiler" source


It's also in the "mcs" CVS repository.

Within the tarball/repository, "jay" is in the "jay" sub-directory.

It has a Makefile, so just enter the "jay" directory and type "make". 
The "jay" binary will be placed in the same directory, so you'll need to
ensure that "mcs/jay" is in your PATH so that the debugger Makefiles can
find it.
> May be there is a paper out there in the www that some one has written
> who went through all this already? That would be greate!

There's always the mono-list archives...

> Sorry, if some,many, maybe all of these questions sound stupid, but as
> I said I am a beginner concerning this subject and I hope to find some
> one who can get me on the way.
> Regards
> Rainer

Feel free to keep asking questions.

 - Jon