[Mono-list] vb support

JD Conley jconley@winfessor.com
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:48:48 -0700

I'm curious about this as well.  I think VB support is crucial to
getting Mono into many small businesses with VB hackers who want to use
.NET and are limited to very small budgets.  Not to mention the large
enterprises that use VB for all kinds of business applications.  It is
known to be the most widely used business language, afterall (at least
it was a couple years ago). . . Just my $.02.


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> I was wondering what the time line is going to be like for=20
> pretty full vb support? Just today trying=20
> it out for the first time I think I found some unsupported=20
> stuff (filed bug reports) but that means=20
> it is not capable of replacing windows for our current needs.=20
> Does anyone know how long if ever the=20
> vb side will take?
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