[Mono-list] CVS build instructions

Karl Waclawek karl@waclawek.net
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 19:41:05 -0400

> On a brand new spanking Red Hat Linux 9 install, I got mono built from cvs
> by:
> 1. create a mono directory in $HOME
> 2. cd to $HOME/mono
> 3. create a directory named install
> 4. within the install directory, create two directories bin and lib
> 5. setup your cvs environment by setting CVSROOT and CVS_RSH
> 6. download the latest mono-charge snapshot from http://go-mono.com/daily/
>    a. untar/ungzip the mono-charge tarball, like: tar xvfz
> monocharge20031013.tar.gz
>    b. copy the resulting *.dll to $HOME/mono/install/lib
>    c. copy the resulting *.exe to $HOME/mono/install/bin
> 6. cd to $HOME/mono
> 7. check out from cvs mono and mcs via: cvs -z3 co mono mcs
> 8. run the mono-build.sh script from $HOME/mono like: mono/doc/mono-build.sh
>    The script will download any dependencies you need, install them, and set
> them up.
>    The script will automatically run autogen.sh, make, and then do a make
> install
>    to $HOME/mono/install prefix
> 9. set up your evironment to include $HOME/mono/install/lib in the
>    and $HOME/mono/install/bin in $PATH
> Note, I did not need any RPMs.  Just one monocharge tarball was needed and
> access to mono cvs.

I was looking for that kind of instructions.
Thanks to all who gave me feedback.