[Mono-list] CVS build instructions

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 19:14:47 -0400

On a brand new spanking Red Hat Linux 9 install, I got mono built from cvs
1. create a mono directory in $HOME
2. cd to $HOME/mono
3. create a directory named install
4. within the install directory, create two directories bin and lib
5. setup your cvs environment by setting CVSROOT and CVS_RSH
6. download the latest mono-charge snapshot from http://go-mono.com/daily/
   a. untar/ungzip the mono-charge tarball, like: tar xvfz
   b. copy the resulting *.dll to $HOME/mono/install/lib
   c. copy the resulting *.exe to $HOME/mono/install/bin
6. cd to $HOME/mono
7. check out from cvs mono and mcs via: cvs -z3 co mono mcs
8. run the mono-build.sh script from $HOME/mono like: mono/doc/mono-build.sh
   The script will download any dependencies you need, install them, and set
them up.
   The script will automatically run autogen.sh, make, and then do a make
   to $HOME/mono/install prefix
9. set up your evironment to include $HOME/mono/install/lib in the
   and $HOME/mono/install/bin in $PATH

Note, I did not need any RPMs.  Just one monocharge tarball was needed and
access to mono cvs.

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As a Mono newbie I found it quite difficult to build from CVS.
It isn't really documented what you need.

Here is what finally succeeded (RH 9).
- glib update (don't remember which version)
- install all mono 0.28 RPMs
- install all Cairo and ICU related packages from red carpet
  (maybe not all needed, but didn't want to go through too many re-tries)
- cd to ../mcs and build mcs first (contrary to instructions,
  as I would get corlib.dll out of sync with ../mono/make fullbuild
  even after copying all current monocharge files over the ones from the
- cd to ../gtk-sharp and do the same (don't know if necessary)
- cd to ../mono and run the recommended
  ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/local
  make fullbuild

Did I do anything fundamentally wrong?

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