[Mono-list] RE: [Mono-devel-list] Surveys: Mono 1.0 andMonoConference.

Jay Bennie jay@lincore.co.uk
Sat, 11 Oct 2003 19:54:34 +0100

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From: <yoros@wanadoo.es>

> > I think the solution to this particular problem is:
> >
> > * Release with a name that specifically states whats in it
> >
> > Mono Core 1.0
> >
> > * Release a roadmap with the plans for when features will be
> >   added to the full Mono release.
> >
> > Maybe we need better names than `Mono Core' and `Mono Full'.
> >
> I think that the best we can do without SWF is to release:
> "Mono Server Edition 1.0"
> And be sure all corlib, ASP.NET, WebServiced, etc... are full featured.

for the moment dont use grand names, we do not want to start the media
bandwaggon untill we are at the point where we can capitalise on it.

use simple unassuming names that are obviouse to developers -for example
Miguel suggested  "Mono Core 1.0" .

It may even be an idea to start reffering to mono in terms of milestone code
names in the way MS treat there OS development i.e. Whister -> Windows XP,
then when a full compliment of stable 100% compatible Mono Parts are
avaliable, make a press release along the lines of "Mono v1.0 Framework" and
"Mono C# Development Tools v1.0" are ready for public consumption this way
the end users and end developers will not be mixing up the unstable
development code with the *stable* production code.