[Mono-list] Script Locations of WebUIValidation.js, SmartNav.js

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists@theroughnecks.com
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 11:32:02 -0700

John BouAntoun wrote:
> Was thinking about this last night....
> All the js files need to be web accessible so that they can be
> added in script tags. This means that we not only need a specific
> protcol or rule for location for the  files, we also need one for
> the "virtual folder" or the url that the script will  be accessible
> from the web server root.

I think this is a good idea, the scripts for client-side scripts should
be in a common location for accessability, and consistancy with how
the libraries are accessed via the client...

> There's no point saying that all js files should be in
> ${prefix}/etc/mono/web_scripts  whithout also saying how they will
> be available to xsp. That is, if xsp can't serve
> files from ${prefix}/etc/mono/ then the js files can't reside there.
> May I suggest that we say the following:
> files go in 
> ${prefix}/etc/mono/web_scripts
> on the file system, and are then mapped to the virtual folder: 
> aspnet_client\system_web\mono_0_28

I would say that this is kind of limiting, since the script versions
should be derived from the object version...
gets sym linked to:

since the web_scripts themselves are a symlink, and should correspond
to the versions of the asp.net objects themselves, a direct link should
be the default for "development" objects, and upon a major release of
mono, reference a version-specific folder.

Since the development version should always reference the current objects
in use.. and release version may not be distributed with the entire
framework... changing the reference for each subversion would create
an un-needed headache, and changing from mono_dev to mono_MAJVER.SUBVER
for major releases would be about the same, but less of a headache.

> inside xsp
> Hope that makes sense,

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