[Mono-list] Script Locations of WebUIValidation.js, SmartNav.js

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 01:59:57 +0200

> Was thinking about this last night....
> All the js files need to be web accessible so that they can be added
> in script tags.
> This means that we not only need a specific protcol or rule for
> location for the files, we also need one for the "virtual folder" or
> the url that the script will be accessible from the web server root.

Don't worry about this. We already do exactly this when serving the
.asmx documentation page (DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx).

> There's no point saying that all js files should be in
> ${prefix}/etc/mono/web_scripts whithout also saying how they will be
> available to xsp. That is, if xsp can't serve files from
> ${prefix}/etc/mono/ then the js files can't reside there.

Okay. I will follow the same rules that are used for wsdlHelpGenerator
to locate the files. And, okay, in machine.config, the default path will
be web_scripts.

It would be nice if you test something like this with IIS:


Ie., try getting one of those .js files in the MS aspnet_client path.
Then do the same for other script that exists but it's not in
aspnet_client path. Then tell me the results and I'll implement this in

> May I suggest that we say the following:
> files go in 
> ${prefix}/etc/mono/web_scripts
> on the file system, and are then mapped to the virtual folder: 
> aspnet_client\system_web\mono_0_28
> inside xsp
> Hope that makes sense,

We won't have different versions of those scripts installed. We will
only have one and will be mapped based on the results of those tests. IF
you can't do the tests, please, tell me asap and I'll do it.