[Mono-list] Script Locations of WebUIValidation.js, SmartNav.js

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@adobe.com
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 15:38:40 +0530

> Okay. It's done now. From inside System.Web assembly you can do:

    I shall submit changes to the RegisterValidatorCommonScript method by
EOD today.

> What's needed now?
>      1. We need someone to either write or search for some scripts that
>         provide similar functionality as those by MS

    There's huge huge code... a lot of it very specific to IE. I mean, it
does nothing for other browsers.
    Besides, there also resides SmartNav.js for "SmartNavigation=true".

    For ASP.Net 1.0.x, there was also SmartNavIE5.js which is absent for
ASP.Net 1.1.x.

    Also, some methodnames that I found being used, I had already put them

    So, if we go ahead with a different function name, we'll need to change
this as well.

>      2. Tell me the javascript code I should have to produce from the
>         data in the page.

    Didn't get this question.

    The methods in WebUIValidation.js - as name suggests - do a check for
the values whenever a form is Submit-ed. Also, Page.IsValid is also
determined here - in a method named ValidatorUpdateIsValid.

    All the function names will be highly bound to the implementation in
rendering of the forms by XSP.

    Will it be ok to borrow the names from MS? The method of concern is
"Page_ClientValidate" (which gives a call to "ValidatorValidate",
"ValidatorUpdateIsValid" and "ValidationSummaryOnSubmit").

> Any taker?

    For writing the JS? Umm... if no one picks up, yours sincerely can do
the job! :-)