[Mono-list] SharpDevelop

Shawn Vose svose@programmerforrent.com
09 Oct 2003 12:59:53 -0400

That's what I thought. I justed wanted to make sure I wasnt overlooking
something obvious. I will continue using vim and vow to quit being so

Thanks all,

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 08:09, Dominik Fretz wrote:
> Shawn Vose wrote:
> > Has any one had any luck getting the Sharp Develop IDE to compile on a
> > linux box? I couldnt find any documentation on their site but if someone
> > has a link to something that may help that would be great.
> > 
> > I normally use vi but sometimes it is nice to have code completion.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Shawn
> Hi
> First: I'm not one of the #D Devlopers, but I can give some infos about 
> this thopic:
> Curretnly, you won't be able to run #D on linux since it heavaly depends 
> on System.Windows.Forms.
> Since the #D developpers thought about a linux version, the main #D 
> developper Mike Krueger startet a port of the Java gui library SWT (used 
> and developed in Eclipse).
> This was the beginning of the SharpWT project (you will find some notes 
> of this on the list archives of this list).
> SWT was designed to use native widgets on each platform and it exists on 
> diffrent platforms including Win32 and Linux/GTK. The Port of the common 
> and Win32 part was done by Mike and Pedro Abelleira Seco and I started 
> to port the GTK part.
> The Idea from the #D crew was to port #D over to SharpWT and have it run 
> on Linux and Windows (and probbably on other platforms).
> The current state is this (AFAIK):
> - Win32 port of SharpWT mostly done
> - GTK port has a good base, but here is still work to do, some widgets 
> arent here in the GTK part and some things generats errors and crashes
> There is a branch in the #D source tree that has some things portetd to 
> SharpWT. But this is far from complete. AFAIK didn't work the #D crew 
> currently on the port to SharpWT because they going to 1.0. But 
> afterwars, I think, there will be more effort on porting it to SharpWT.
> In the meantime, I try to work on the GTK part of SharpWT. to have it as 
> close to the Win32 functionality as possible.
> For more informations, please have a look at the sd-mono-poirt 
> mailinglist (@ximian) and read through the archive of it.
> Regards
> Dominik
> -