[Mono-list] SharpDevelop

Dominik Fretz lists@roboto.ch
Thu, 09 Oct 2003 14:09:28 +0200

Shawn Vose wrote:

> Has any one had any luck getting the Sharp Develop IDE to compile on a
> linux box? I couldnt find any documentation on their site but if someone
> has a link to something that may help that would be great.
> I normally use vi but sometimes it is nice to have code completion.
> Thanks in advance,
> Shawn


First: I'm not one of the #D Devlopers, but I can give some infos about 
this thopic:

Curretnly, you won't be able to run #D on linux since it heavaly depends 
on System.Windows.Forms.

Since the #D developpers thought about a linux version, the main #D 
developper Mike Krueger startet a port of the Java gui library SWT (used 
and developed in Eclipse).
This was the beginning of the SharpWT project (you will find some notes 
of this on the list archives of this list).
SWT was designed to use native widgets on each platform and it exists on 
diffrent platforms including Win32 and Linux/GTK. The Port of the common 
and Win32 part was done by Mike and Pedro Abelleira Seco and I started 
to port the GTK part.

The Idea from the #D crew was to port #D over to SharpWT and have it run 
on Linux and Windows (and probbably on other platforms).

The current state is this (AFAIK):
- Win32 port of SharpWT mostly done
- GTK port has a good base, but here is still work to do, some widgets 
arent here in the GTK part and some things generats errors and crashes

There is a branch in the #D source tree that has some things portetd to 
SharpWT. But this is far from complete. AFAIK didn't work the #D crew 
currently on the port to SharpWT because they going to 1.0. But 
afterwars, I think, there will be more effort on porting it to SharpWT.

In the meantime, I try to work on the GTK part of SharpWT. to have it as 
close to the Win32 functionality as possible.

For more informations, please have a look at the sd-mono-poirt 
mailinglist (@ximian) and read through the archive of it.