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Kele Turnipseed kele@cynet.net.au
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 19:02:47 +1000

I would say the problem is that CDONTS (Collaboration Data Objects for NT
Server) is not a .NET assembly, it is a Win32 COM library.  This is not
supported by mono.  You might want to look at using the System.Web.Mail
classes instead of CDO.


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I have installed mono and mod_mono on my webserver, and I am using them to
serve up asp.net pages.  The example pages supplied by mod_mono all work
fine on my server (you can see them at

However, the website I am trying to upload to the directory
(, uses the following extra
dlls in its bin directory  CDONTS.dll, Interop.CDONTS.dll and
WebApplication1.dll.  When I try to view the aspx pages, they just fall over
giving errors.  I know that it all works fine on a windows server, as I have
used to the pages and they work correctly  so there is no error in the

I know hardly anything about asp.net, but should this run on mod_mono?

Any help would be greatly apprechiated.


Nick Woolley

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