[Mono-list] why should I use mono?

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
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The same reason you should use language X over language Y.

The language is a tool. Use the best tool for the job. If it's C#, good
for C#. If it's Java, good for Java.=20

My personal opinion is that the more language you know, the better you
will be in any language. Knowing perl makes me a better C# programmer as
I have developed some respect for the power of regex which I might not
have done if I came only from a C++ background.=20

>From my personal experience, people are lazy. People stick with what
they are familiar with. People are afraid of change. So if you are
comfortable with Java, stick with it. You won't be a worst programmer
because of it, you will be able to program with it. There is nothing
wrong with Java as a tool.=20

The question is more of a philosophical question: should I learn new
languages? How can that help me as a programmer?

Please note, that for a company the choice of a language is different.

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I read in an artical about mono.
Why should developers should write code for the mono
runtime instede of Java?


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