[Mono-list] why should I use mono?

Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie@Student.tUL.EDU
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:57:16 +0100


That's about the same question as "Why should I use Java 1.4 instead of
1.0?" or "Why should I use windows xp instead of Windows 95?"

I don't think there's a particular reason why you "should". It's a matter of
choice. And often, it is a choice your clients want, or your boss wants.

Both platforms are good, and offer benefits and have drawbacks against C++,
which in turn has benefits and drawbacks to ASM.

Sometimes it's a political choice, sometimes a financial choice... 
I use both, and I think .NET is a bit more productive (for me) then Java.

The thing that bothers me the most about Java, is that since I started with
the JDK 1.2.2, there haven't been any improvements. Yes, a couple of new
API's were incorporated, but the platform itself hasn't evolved. When you
compare .NET 1.0 to .NET 1.2/2.0, it's a big improvement.
Only now that Sun is feeling the competition, it starts to evolve the
platform. But sure, you can say the same about Windows, now that they feel
the competition, they are suddenly innovating the platform.
That's the reason why I think at least 2 managed platforms are good for the
industry as a whole.

Just start using Mono, and look at the benefits it offers you. It will do
you no harm.

I hope something is useful to you,

-- Rob.

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> Hi,
> I read in an artical about mono.
> Why should developers should write code for the mono
> runtime instede of Java?
> Evert
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