[Mono-list] Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire SUSE Linux

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
04 Nov 2003 17:10:55 -0500


> Novell acquires after Ximian now SuSE Linux AG.
> Have a look at:
> http://www.suse.com/us/company/press/press_releases/archive03/novell_suse.html

Those are fantastic news for everyone I think.

One big component that was missing for Novell to offer a full product
line was a Linux distribution.  Our customers were demanding it.  And
the answer to install our software, would usually be something like:

`Install a third party, then come, and we will give you the rest'

now we can provide everything people need.

All we can say at this point is that Novell is commited to Linux and
Open Source.  Nat and myself are helping to craft the direction and
strategy, and believe me, the right thing will come out of this at the
technical level.

Now, lets all go back to code.

Best wishes,