[Mono-list] GtkSharpRSS

John Luke jluke@cfl.rr.com
09 May 2003 09:47:59 -0400

Hello everyone,

You can get my Gtk# RSS reader from

Please keep in mind that it is not tested and you use it at your own
risk.  It requires mono 0.24, Gtk# 0.9, and gtkmozembed-sharp from cvs
(which required mozilla built with Gtk2).

To run it:
1. Edit Feeds.xml (the format is pretty simple)
2. make
3. mono GtkSharpRSS.exe

There is a TODO file included with the source, and it should be obvious
what I could use help with to speed things up.  Any feedback would be
appreciated.  So far RSS.NET seems to work, but I am only using a small
part of it.

John Luke