[Mono-list] Win2k install of mono-0.24

Micha³ Ziemski rook@roo.k.pl
Thu, 08 May 2003 11:51:33 +0200


I have been experiencin problems running mono-0.24 on Win2k.
I have the MS .NET SDK 1.1 installed.
My mono is in c:\gnu\mono-0.24

When I try to run mcs from MSYS (a simple shell supplied by the MinGW 
project) I get the following:

/mono/bin/mcs: /home/miguel/mono/mb/install/bin/mono: No such file or 

I am wondering who might that "miguel" be ;)

When I try running "mono mcs.exe" I get:

The assembly corlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.
It should have been installed in the `c:/mono/mb/install/lib' directory.

When I try mint mcs.exe I get my Billy grumbles about "unknown software 

As a matter of fact I must say I am able to run mcs.exe from my command.com

Michal Ziemski