[Mono-list] build problem with Mono 0.24

Jim Kerr jbkerr@sonic.net
07 May 2003 20:49:27 +0800

Hello All,

  I can't build with the 0.24 release. When I run configure, it inserts
this little complaint into config.h:

   #error configure failed to discover size of unix socket path

An inspection of config.log shows that the problem appears to be a
missing library file (libsocket, to be precise).

  Has anyone else figured out a solution to this? I'm running Red Hat
8.0 with the latest updates. In lieu of a solution, if someone could
indicate what the value of MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH is for their RH 8.0
system, that would be great. 

  To be fair, this is not a problem with 0.24 per se. I've had the same
problem for about two weeks now with CVS sources as well.

  Thanks in advance for any help!

Jim Kerr
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA