[Mono-list] Ten questions regarding mono-1.0 - Was: I'm Confused... when is a class really 'Completed'?

Paul paulf.johnson@ukonline.co.uk
07 May 2003 22:19:50 +0100


> 5. Will VB.NET/MC++ and other languages be supported?

VB is already supported via mbas. Okay, it is not quite there yet (IIRC,
late binding is still an issue), but otherwise, it works.

> 7. Will mono be more like .net-1.0 or .net-1.1 in terms of API compliance?
> What about applications that rely on a particular version of the runtime?
> Will it be user-selectable?

While I can't comment, I would imagine that it will be compliant with
whatever is available from the EMCA standard.

> 8. What about documentation? I know CLR docs are there for download, but
> what about documentation for mono-specific features?

There is rather a nice book due out RSN called "Developing on Linux with
C# and .NET: The Mono Project" by Daniel Solin - this should answer lots
of things.

> 10. In general: do you think that Mono-1.0 will be production-ready? What
> kind of support will Ximian offer for it? Will you support both Linux and
> Windows?

That's answered on the FAQ at go-mono.com



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