[Mono-list] Ten questions regarding mono-1.0 - Was: I'm Confused... when is a class really 'Completed'?

Jaroslaw Kowalski jaroslaw.kowalski@atm.com.pl
Wed, 7 May 2003 23:01:07 +0200

Hi Miguel!

Since you mentioned Mono 1.0:

1. When is Mono 1.0 going to be released?

2. I know that WinForms is not going to be ready for that version, but what
other features are going to be missing/excluded?

3. What ADO.NET providers will be supported? Will they be all

4. Will ASP.NET support xcopy deployment model for binaries created with
Windows/CLR in 1.0?

5. Will VB.NET/MC++ and other languages be supported?

6. Will GUI debugging of ASP.NET code (requests executing in the server
context) be supported in 1.0?

7. Will mono be more like .net-1.0 or .net-1.1 in terms of API compliance?
What about applications that rely on a particular version of the runtime?
Will it be user-selectable?

8. What about documentation? I know CLR docs are there for download, but
what about documentation for mono-specific features?

9. Will mono be able to peacefully co-exist with CLR on windows (taking
advantage of GAC, NGen, policy editors, publisher policies and other

10. In general: do you think that Mono-1.0 will be production-ready? What
kind of support will Ximian offer for it? Will you support both Linux and



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> If you want something robust you can depend on, you will have to wait for
Mono 1.0
> The most we can say is `it works for what we use it for, and when bugs
> are filed, we get to them within our schedule'.
> Miguel