[Mono-list] about #wt and mono

Dominik Fretz lists@roboto.ch
Wed, 07 May 2003 20:56:44 +0200

arm wrote:
> hello everyone ,I checkout the source from cvs and build on win32. 
> but I found the examples only can run on .net,can not run on mono for windows.
> I ask The #wt developer,The #wt developer tell me this is  the mono's fault , 
> I want to know how to make #wt Run on mono?

Hi arm

The problems preventing #wt running on windows/mono is a difference in 
handlich some P/Invoke functions to the win32 API.
We from the #wt developpers are looking into that, and will file bug's 
in the mono buglist. The mono people will then hopefully fix them.

But currently, this isn't our main problem. We are going to run #wt on 
windows with .NET and on linux winth mono.
Please stand by and read the sd-mono-port list, if we found the bugs 
(either in #wt or mono) and probbaly fixed them, there will be 
announcments on the mentioned list.

Currently it isn't really at the mono crew to fix the problems of #wt, 
not as long as we didn't found out whats wrong.