[Mono-list] Is it time for GTK# yet

Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.net.uk
Thu, 1 May 2003 18:07:14 +0100

Hi Johannes!

Please, let me comment on the points you made:

> Gtk# has the advantages of
> - having best internationalisation possible
> - having good accessiblilty
> - being widely ported
> - being free for GPL and non GPL software
> - having 1000s of applications already built with it.
> - having > 5 years of maturing

I believe you are talking here about GTK, not GTK#. Maybe GTK has more than
5 years of maturing, but last I heard, GTK# was waiting for the final stable
release of GTK so that a definitive API could be then decided. This doesn't
look like GTK# interfaces are "mature" enough, or at least not for a
production environmnet...

Also, maybe GTK has 1000's of applications, but GTK# has not. Also, most of
these applications most likely be able to run only on unix/linux because
people using GTK will also use other unix/linux libraries (although that's
not GTK's fault ;)

> Where #WT
> - has internationalisation, definatly not half as good
> - I don't know about it's accessiblity
> - is widely ported as well
> - cannot be used for GPL software
> - has only eclipse and #develop and maybe some small applications built
> with it

Well, I don't think eclipse uses #WT... just that #WT is a port of the java
SWT eclipse uses (please someone correct me on this as I'm not sure)

#WT has only been in the wild for a short time, and the main reason for its
existence was to port sharpdevelop to linux. I don't see it fair to judge
how good this toolkit is based only on this single application that aims to
use it. If and when this toolkit matures a little bit further and get some
more publicity, then you might have a point if the number of applications
that uses it remais low. We'll have to wait and see what happens... :)