[Mono-list] regsvr32

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:22:09 +0100

On 03/14/03 Andy Satori wrote:
> The equivalent to regsvr32 in .NET is RegSvcs.  However, that's for COM+
> assemblies.  
> In the Mono world, it would be useless to register a COM dll.  You would
> want the equivalent of the GacUtil to load an assembly in the Global
> Assembly Cache.

*) In mono we don't support COM so registering a COM assembly doesn't
make sense until someone implements the needed code.
*) The profiling interface needs to be implemented with native code
(both with the mono and MS runtime).
*) If someone has a COM library that implements the profiling interface
of the MS runtime, that code is not going to work as is in mono
(even a recompile is not enough, because the interface is not the same).
*) If someone wants to use his own profiling code with the mono runtime,
he needs to hook it up in metadata/profiler.c, like the simple profiler
already included there.
*) In the future we will support loading a profiling module from a
shared library: when the code for such a feature will be written, all
you have to do is to install the shared library like any other shared
library (no need for regsvr32 or the like). Writing the support for
loading the profiling module is easy, but I haven't written it yet,
because it requires a mono runtime linked dynamically to libmono
and we currently link it statically.


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