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Andy Satori dru@satori-assoc.com
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 14:11:58 -0500

Bonobo and COM+ are about as far apart in implementation as CORBA and COM
are.  That's not to say that System.EnterpriseServices couldn't be
implemented to support Bonobo on Gnome boxes, but they would be incapable of
say calling a remote object on a Windows COM+ based server.  You could
probably munge this all to work locally, but when you start down the path of
COM+ interop, I think you create a large scale problem in managability.

All that said, using .NET native assemblies and .NET remoting, you do get
the benefit of being able to use your assembly assets throughout the
enterprise despite the native host environment.  Furthering that, if you
absolutely must retain legacy COM+ interfaces (I do, I have a large legacy
of VB6 COM interfaces that I must maintain through the transition) you can
wrap those with SOAP webservices, acknowledge a minor performance hit, and
then deploy using SOAP and WebServices thus eliminating the dependency on


On 3/14/03 2:01 PM, "Bob Smith" <bob@thestuff.net> pounded the keyboard to

> At some point arn't we going to have some equivilent for Bonobo?
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Andy Satori wrote:
>> The equivalent to regsvr32 in .NET is RegSvcs.  However, that's for COM+
>> assemblies.
>> In the Mono world, it would be useless to register a COM dll.  You would
>> want the equivalent of the GacUtil to load an assembly in the Global
>> Assembly Cache.
>> Andy
>> On 3/14/03 12:26 PM, "Paolo Molaro" <lupus@ximian.com> pounded the keyboard
>> to produce:
>>> On 03/13/03 Daniel Grigoras wrote:
>>>> please, there is something similar with
>>>> "regsvr32.exe MyProfiler.dll"(for Windows ),but in
>>> I have no idea what regsvr32.exe does.
>>>> Linux ?
>>>> How may I register a profiler (DLL) under Linux?
>>>> In CVS , there are the equivalents of ICorProfilerInfo
>>>> and ICorProfilerCallback ( profiler.c , profiler.h
>>>> ..).
>>> Currently we have just an hard-coded profiler built-in in the mono
>>> runtime: the plan is to add an option to load dynamically a library that
>>> implements the profiling interface, but I didn't write the code to do
>>> that, yet. And, yes, the profiling interface is similar, but is not the
>>> same as in the MS runtime.
>>> lupus
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