[Mono-list] Developing MONO

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 13:20:08 +0100

On 03/06/03 Graham Allwood wrote:
> I'm really keen on contributing (if I get the time) but I need to get the
> environment right. I'm a windows .net developer so would feel more at home
> in Windows. I take it that there aren't enough GNU build tools available for
> Windows to eliminate Cygwin are there? I've been trying for a while now to
> get Cygwin to build MONO from the scripts but there's always something
> wrong.

I used the script and it worked for me, if you get errors, you should
file bug reports about them or (better) send patches to fix them.

> This may be a na´ve question but why is it so complicated building MONO? I
> mean these all these utilities used like configure, automake (or something).

It works flawlessly on linux, though I agree cygwin is not always a
perfect fit for reproducing a unixy environment on windows.
The windows programmers that want to use a different build process are
welcome to contribute an nmake makefile or whatever they think makes the
build process in windows easier for them. So far I think nobody stepped
up to contribute that; if we missed a patch that does that, please
remind us so that we can include it in the tarballs and in cvs.

> Final question (for now), why can't both the Windows and Unix builds use the
> same Nant file?

Well, I think the question should be:
why can't the windows build use makefiles? :-)
Part of the reason is that until recently mono couldn't run nant, but
even now, I wouldn't switch the build to use nant on unix, because I
find makefiles so much nicer, both to maintain and to use.


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