[Mono-list] COM / DCOM in Mono

David P. Bowler dbowler@hegemony.com
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 11:49:09 -0600

The MEOW packet is described in Essential COM but not in any great detail...
Still, the book is excellent for understanding at a higher level what is
going on and would likely be helpful in helping determine what path you'd
like to take for COM interop in mono... Its a nice read too, I like how Don
Box writes. I took Don's "Optimizing Distributed COM" course and after
hearing him speak for 40+ hours about DCOM, it made me better appreciate his
writing style.

Drudging up what I remember, the oxid resolver ran on port 135 and took
incoming DCOM calls and mapped them to the appropriate com class guids on
the local machine. Keep-Alive pings occured every 2 minutes for the remote
objects and that time was not configurable.(made for a lot of manual

It would seem to me, that if the intent was to simply remote everything out
to windows boxes, that the only responsibilities of the mono side would be:
1. marshalling
2. socket maintenance with the remote oxid resolver.
3. local GUID maintenance so that you could properly construct the MEOW
packets. (linux side CLSID database? ick)

David P. Bowler