[Mono-list] COM / DCOM in Mono

Darren Martz dmartz@shelbrook.com
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 07:55:20 -0800


IMHO, a daemon may be is necessary to manage the incoming server
requests and handling of the delta pings. I recall the term "oxid
resolver", but its been a number of years since I seriously dealt with
the DCOM wire protocol. 

That port to Unix was done in Germany and included the mind of Don Box
to oversee the operation - or so I recall. He wrote a excellent book on
DCOM that covers details on the wire protocol itself... "Essential COM".
I know some of the internals (thanks to Don's DCOM course), so I may be
able to help a bit.

As for marshalling, is there any need to support custom marshallers? If
yes, that could require a fair *bit* of work. However, if its just the
basics and only a standard marshaller is required it would certainly
narrow the scope. Given the large development community of Visual Basic,
I wouldn't be surprised if the standard marshaller is all that would be

Hope that helps,


Subject: RE: [Mono-list] COM / DCOM in Mono
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 10:10:43 +0200
From: "Eran Sandler" <Eran.Sandler@smarteam.com>
To: <mono-list@ximian.com>


Well, I'm currently investigating how implement DCOM on other systems. I
know it WAS implemented for UN*X and Linux by 3rd party companies but
they didn't release the code.

Working with DCOM shouldn't be that hard since I only need a proxy alive
and a way to marshal data to it (at first it can be other proxies or
simple data types.

It might give us what we want.

Although I have a question.=20
I will try to implement DCOM in C or C++ (I haven't decided yet), I
persume I need to use some form of Platform Invoke to call this code,

Can you point me out to a place where P/Invoke was used so I can check
it out a bit?