[Mono-list] .dll .exe ? - pointer in C#

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
22 Jun 2003 19:03:24 -0400


> I see your apresentation about Mono in Brazilian Forum.. 
> And you talk about a new implementatation of evolution..
> not all will be re-writted in MONO, because have a
> lot of code writte in C++ with pointers.. 

Well, that is not exactly what I said.  I think there might be some
confussion here.

I said that when there is a large investment in existing unmanaged-code
applications, using the embedded Mono runtime could enable its reuse, by
treating Mono as a scripting language.

> How you can do this?

You want to read the "embedding the Mono runtime" document from the mono
site (Click on embedding) and the "Platform Invocation" document from

> I will be more especifical..
> I can write a base aplication in C++ and use a pointer
> to adress C# objects? 

You can keep a pointer to C# objects, yes.   I do not know how useful
this is, but you can.

> The garbage collector can control my pointer in C++ ?
> Or i can use a garbage coletor only on C# objects?

Mono uses the Boehm conservative GC;  You might want to read the
documentation bundled there as well.