[Mono-list] Re: There are still problems with the XMLDocument class...

ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Sun, 22 Jun 2003 03:23:17 +0900

> > > This bug has been marked as duplicated and solved, but
> > > I'm still not able to compile NAnt on Linux:
> > Sure. It goes diffent logic. I assume I fixed it in cvs now, so 
> > please check it again.
> Oops, it seems missing the points. Just wait a moment...

I tried to reproduce on Linux (Redhat 8.0), but I couldn't found
such problem with the latest cvs ;-(  I would ask you whether
testcase XmlTextReaderTests.ExternalDocument() failed or not.

  Atsushi Eno