[Mono-list] Alternate Mailing List Archive

David Jeske jeske@chat.net
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 10:27:19 -0800

Hello. A few months back I posted about an alternate Mono mailing list
archive available at:


We quickly incorporated some feedback we received and fixed a few bugs
which cropped up. There is always more we can do, but the archive has
been very useful for me over the last few months. The archive has a
full-text index of all the messages, and it properly handles rendering
MIME and html messages. If you've not already seen it, take a look and
let me know what you think.

FYI: I normally set the preferences to Iframes, uncheck the multiple
messages in frame, and use the bymonth total numbers to bring up the
recent posts for this month.

David Jeske (N9LCA) + http://www.chat.net/~jeske/ + jeske@chat.net